Call for Papers - Biliteracy Issue



Volume 34, Number 2


Biliteracy:  What it is, how we develop and nurture it and how we determine its efficacy.  This includes challenges to the development of biliteracy in certain contexts as well as future directions for research and practice.


Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe invites submissions to a special issue on “Biliteracy.”  This special issue invites conceptual papers and empirical research to document the current state of the field with regard to policy, classroom/school practices and assessment regarding the development of biliteracy in US and international contexts including schools (bilingual or otherwise), community settings (including after school programs, churches, and transnational experiences).  With this publication, we hope to contribute to the growing body of scholarship on how biliteracy is define, incorporated in policy, practiced and assessed.  While it is anticipated that the majority of papers will address Spanish/English biliteracy development, submissions in other languages are invited.


Potential topics include:


Empirical research on the development of biliteracy in one-way and two-way dual language programs (or other types of bilingual programs)

•Methods of assessing emerging biliteracy in reading/writing

•Cultural identity and the development of biliteracy

•Translanguaging practices and the development of biliteracy

•Innovative conceptual and theoretical frameworks to advance thinking regarding the development of biliteracy

•Out-of-school contexts and the development of biliteracy

•Transnational experiences and biliteracy development/maintenance


Guest Editors:


Dr. Kathy Escamilla

Dr. Sue Hopewell


Deadline for Submission:  03/20/19


For further details and submission guidelines, please visit the Announcements section of our website: