Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe

This is the UTSA COEHD BBL Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe.

Editor: Howard L. Smith, Ph.D.

Managing Editor: Leticia Medina, M.A.

Focus and Scope

Mission: To publish scholarship that challenges old paradigms, presents new perspectives, and advances understanding and appreciation of the Latino diaspora.

Scope & Description: Academic journal focusing on the linguistic, cultural and literary diversity of cultures in contact, especially within Latino communities in the US.  The Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe publishes both empirical (qualitative and quantitative) as well as creative scholarship.  The BR/RB will feature empirical research in the areas of bilingualism, applied linguistics, the social context of minority education, and ethnic scholarship.

To engage the readership with multiple forms of representation, we seek out scholarly activity expressed through the literary and visual arts. The BR/RB accepts a variety of genres including scholarly articles, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, and book reviews, in English or Spanish. 

The BR/RB does not accept previously published work or papers that do not foreground Latino communities situated in the US.  Response time to submission is 2-3 months.



Convocatoria - Alfabetización Bilingüe



Volumen 34, Número 1

Fecha límite para entrega de contribuciones:04/15/2019

Alfabetización bilingüe: ¿qué es?, ¿cómo la desarrollamos y cuidamos? y ¿cómo determinamos su eficacia? Esto incluye desafíos para el desarrollo de la alfabetización bilingüe en ciertos contextos, así como direcciones futuras para la investigación y la práctica.

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Call for Papers - Biliteracy Issue




Volume 34, Number 1

Deadline for Submission: 04/15/2019


Biliteracy:  What it is, how we develop and nurture it and how we determine its efficacy.  This includes challenges to the development of biliteracy in certain contexts as well as future directions for research and practice.

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Author Submission Guidelines

This reference should guide authors to be sure their work includes the required elements for the first submission and the final submission.  
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